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Progeny Fitness was started by Adrien Jordan, a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutritionist with a deep hunger for life and health. In the year 2000, Adrien became a body therapist, gaining valuable knowledge about the functions and movements of the human body. During his time as a therapist, his passion for helping other people grew exponentially. Adrien has spent the past 10 years motivating friends, family, and clients to reach new personal heights through positivity and a focus on overall health.

Adrien attributes his success to his Faith and the support of his loving family. His wife, Elisabeth, has been an inspiration and a supportive rock throughout his journey. The couple is blessed with 2 sons, Micah and Eli, who brings inspiration to them on a daily basis.

Progeny works because Adrien brings a loving, can-do attitude and philosophy based on teamwork. Life affects us all, and we believe that we can enhance our lives through friendship, fitness, and faith. Progeny strives to bring this healthy lifestyle to their entire community.