Questions 2018-04-18T04:37:40-07:00


Do I need experience in fitness or be at a certain level to join? 2018-04-21T22:39:29-07:00

You don’t need any experience in fitness and matter of fact, the trainer will cater to where you are to help you reach you great fitness potential. Our classes are all levels, meant to lift each other up as a team.

What do I need to bring to class or a 1 on 1 session? 2018-04-21T22:37:09-07:00
When joining any group classes, all you need is a mat, water and towel for yourself. If you are doing 1 on 1 training you need nothing. The trainer has you covered.
What if I have an injury, can I join? 2018-04-21T22:40:04-07:00
It is highly recommended to see a doctor first before doing any fitness activity. Once the waiver is completed when signing up, we will cater to your needs to reach your goals.
How do memberships work? 2018-04-21T22:39:51-07:00
Memberships for group classes are non contractual and can be discontinued as long as we know 3 days before your renew date.
Can I pay online? 2018-04-21T22:37:55-07:00
When you sign up online, you definitely can pay through our scheduling system.